Peugeot has its 3008 radically changed, and with success! Femme Front tests the new SUV Peugeot in Bologna, Italy.

Flirt Factor

Let’s face it, the Peugeot 3008 to date was the wallflower of the street. Nothing wrong with wallflower, if you’d like to be in the spotlight. And that Peugeot wants to 3008. And they can do it, a Peugeot 3008 Create an alluring family car! The result is a muscular, tough car that is high on the wheels, has a large mug, big buttocks and wheels where you say against you. Yes, I do see myself flirting file in this car.

As soon as I opened the car door, the surprise only gets more interesting. What happened here? ”Hi brand new dashboard” Everything is different in Mr. Mooiboy. It’s the new design philosophy of the French: minimalist, stylish, angular, taut and surprising. Behind the fine and tiny steering wheel shows off the new “i-Cockpit ‘of Peugeot. I’m going to sit up straight; otherwise I do not see it. After some fiddling gives the “i-cockpit” is best visual show me off. It does secretly think of the virtual cockpit of Audi, everything is fully digital for my nose counters to bluebells. But at Audi and Volkswagen this is an option. Peugeot just standard. Besides, rim qualities are important fact. So here you can find Escalade rims at good price.

My eyes slide further down towards the center of the dashboard where I stumble on modern piano keys. My fingers slowly search a path to the keys, “Father Jacob, Father Jacob …”. Oh no, this operation are shortcuts for the touch screen in the middle of the dashboard. Culminating with the fiddle ‘ cat pow ’ (yeah really) and the interior perfume Metje ‘harmony ’ (yeah really). I think I’ll just stand still in the parking lot to enjoy all wellness in the car.

Space for friends and family, there is plenty in the Peugeot 3008. Four people will do. Five people, is a bit too much. You will also find two large cupholders for rear passengers. The trunk space is a little bit larger than that of the Nissan Qashqai. My red case I need to use while driving from all angles in space. One fix in a net.

Step inside and you drive so away with it. The French call it an SUV. Outside and inside I feel more like a crossover, apetit-SUV. The handling of all lilacs is awfully good, although I on mountain roads the most driving fun gives the 180 hp diesel (2.0 HDi diesel). For if you are devoted there to the Netherlands 1.2 three-cylinder gasoline, even as the smallest motorization. Traveling and all turns slightly lighter. For more pit (in all versions of 1.2L petrol to 1.6L petrol and 2.0L diesel) you can turn sports mode which the chassis is stiffer, the exhaust noise (about the boxes people) louder and heavier steering.

But what you drive, what strikes me most is the comfort on board. Not too soft and not too hard suspension. Along the way, I am also a little bit gone off-road with the Peugeot 3008. Technically speaking, would you say you have there still need for all-wheel drive? Well, not always. Provided you do not do too crazy. With a special button you can even 3 km / hour a hillock trickling down.

The 3008 comes with the optional advanced Traction Control System combined with tires designed for mud and snow. It is not an SUV, but if you do end up in the mud then guides the family car you through it!