Airport shuttle Cape Town with the Airport Hopper Company is one of the simplest and cheapest means of travelling through Cape Town

Airport shuttle Cape Town with the Airport Hopper Company is one of the simplest and cheapest means of travelling through Cape Town. It is a door to door service, though unlike taxis, the charge is not dependent on miles racked up during each journey. The rates are a set amount between areas. Of most importance is rates from the Cape Town Airport to hotels in the CBD. It is an efficient way to getting to your hotel or the airport, depending on whether you have arrived in the city or are departing. Airport shuttle Cape Town is more than just a transfer service. It can be used for day tours around the city as well. With Airport Hopper there is a way to do your tours without the disturbance of other people.

Their tours are specifically geared towards smaller groups. It allows for a much higher quality of holiday experience as you would be journeying and experiencing new things with just your loved ones. The airport shuttle Cape Town tour vehicle will collect all participants on the tour in the morning. Tours can be booked for a full day or a half day. 2 half day tours to different areas can also be booked on the same day to get more done within the day. If the tour is something like shark diving, wine tasting or flower tour based, then it would be have to be a full day as travelling to these areas takes a bit of time. Car seats are available, but guests will have to notify during booking if there will be a child coming along and specify the age of the child. Different sizes are used which would depend on how old the child is.


Airport shuttle Cape Town tours are done to all of the points that are a must see when in the city. The first airport shuttle Cape Town tour is a full day affair to Robben Island and Table Mountain. A shuttle service is allowed to park in the public parking areas so guests do not have a long walk to gain entry into these places. All entrance fees are paid when the booking is made so this is also not a worry during the tour. All airport shuttle Cape Town tours come with an excellent driver who also doubles as the tour guide.

Airport Hopper ensures that the people they have hired for these jobs have a superb past in both of these aspects. This would include having good driving skills and also being a local and have a deep knowledge of Cape Town. 3 tours offered by airport shuttle Cape Town takes guests a little outside of the city. The first is a safari tour which promises to showcase the Big 5 to guests. Going out into wild territory, it helps to be in someone else’s vehicle and to have a person familiar with the area tagging along. The Winelands is also a must visit. Airport shuttle Cape Town tours here are one of the most popular because it is the premier wine destination in the country. Cape Point is best enjoyed if someone else is doing the driving, being one of the most scenic places on Earth.