Exploring Victoria: an Essential Guide to Renting a Car

If, as a traveller, you prefer to explore the road less travelled, you can’t expect to have the holiday you want by relying on the average sightseeing company. You’ll be limited to where and when these companies provide transportation to the biggest attractions in Victoria, and you’ll have no access to less popular destinations like hidden places that only locals know about. To visit out of the way Island locales on your own time (and a few Mainland spots too) you need to have the freedom of a car to get where you need to go. But before you can rent just any old automobile for your vacation, keep in mind the three following tips.


Avoid Huge Franchises

It can be tempting to go with what you know, and the familiar rental chains you’ve seen in every city come with certain expectations. How could they become a national or international company if they don’t provide the best rates? Unfortunately, you typically won’t find affordable prices when it comes to these companies. They add a ton of fees, rates, and conditions to their vehicles, which instantly drive up their price. Smaller companies, like Dental Car Rentals, on the other hand, have lower operating costs that allow them to provide affordable rates for all of their vehicles. When you can save on the initial cost of renting a sedan or minivan, you can have more of your holiday budget left over to experience BC’s sights and sounds.

Look for Discounts

Don’t take what’s advertised on their website as the final price for the car. Plenty of Victoria car rental companies offer convenient discounts and coupons that you can apply to your account. Take, for example, the price-slashing opportunities offered by Delta Car Rentals. With referral discounts and holiday and weekend specials, they can further lower the cost of your vehicle. Check out Deltacarrentals.ca to see how these specials can augment the initial price of your car.

Beware of Drop-Off & Pick Up Fees

Ask the average traveller and they’ll tell you to avoid the airport, as many rental services will add on charges for drop-off and pickup at these locations. While it’s true, services with off-airport locations will typically cost you less, there are exceptions to the rule. You can find an affordable rental company that offers convenient drop offs and pickups from the Victoria International Airport, as well as the major ferry terminals located in Sydney, Victoria, and Tsawwassen. You only need to spend a bit of time reading a rental company’s website to find this information.

Considering how much time you’ll be spending in front of the computer while planning your trip, it won’t be difficult to open up a new tab and explore the sites of Victoria car rental agencies. In a single evening, you can locate a reliable company that offers affordable, discounted rates without hidden fees. The faster you can book your vehicle, the earlier you can finish organizing your holiday. And with a reliable vehicle at your disposal, you can explore anywhere there are roads.