Battery Man have been one of the top most providers of car batteries Durban for over 30 years

Battery Man have been one of the top most providers of car batteries Durban for over 30 years. They are based outside of Durban but they do take their service on the road at no added cost to their customers. This means that one of their highly trained personnel will come to your premises, be it residential or commercial and test or fit in new car batteries Durban. There is no need to travel all the way to them nor make a trip to any other battery fitment centre. Just how have they remained in business for so long?Well it all has to do not just with their expert service but the quality products that are used in all of their dealings. The only car batteries Durban supplied by them are from First National Battery.

The company does not supply to individuals and their batteries can only be purchased from a distributor. Their car batteries Durban are sought after because they are manufactured right here in the country according to the highest levels of quality control. Battery Man customers can expect the same level of car batteries Durban that are put into new cars when they are assembled in South Africa. They manufacture car batteries for all vehicle types and models. So whether you have a small hatchback or a huge tractor or boat, nothing is out of bounds for Battery Man. Car batteries Durban should be taken in to be inspected once a year to ensure a good working condition.


However there are some instances that would require urgent intervention. If your vehicles headlights are seeming to become dimmer by the day, then it is time to do a car battery test. This will determine if the problem is minor or if a full replacement is needed. Another thing to keep an eye out for with regards to car batteries Durban would be the amount of time it takes for the engine to get going once the key has been turned in the ignition. There will be a few seconds delay in colder weather but longer than this will signal a problem and must be looked into. Newer cars have built in amenities to notify drivers of any anomalies in their car batteries Durban.

Car batteries Durban will have a lifespan of around 5 years. For the most part this time frame lasts much longer though. Vehicles owners should invest in quality car batteries Durban to ensure that they will not end up paying double in a little while due to inferior quality. Even quality batteries can be used for much longer if a little extra care is taken along with the yearly expert check. Always ensure that the car battery does not get overheated. This can happen during longer trips. To counter this, drivers should stop at regular intervals and park off the vehicle in a cool spot to give the car battery a chance to cool down a bit. An added bonus is that drivers will get in some relaxation time. Long periods of driving can wear the body down.