Car Buyers Today Hate Talking on the Phone

Whether you like it or not, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the biggest generation. That doesn’t just mean that they make up over 50% of the workforce, it also means that they will soon become the largest single demographic of car consumers. As a dealer, that means you’re going to have to change some

Don’t Know Much About Car Repair? Read These Tips!

As a car owner, you know that frustrating automobile problems are an all too common occurrence. The more you know about auto repairs, the more time and money you will save. Use everything you’ve learned in the article you’re about to read. They will help you tremendously next time you need mechanical help. Keeping a

Exploring Victoria: an Essential Guide to Renting a Car

If, as a traveller, you prefer to explore the road less travelled, you can’t expect to have the holiday you want by relying on the average sightseeing company. You’ll be limited to where and when these companies provide transportation to the biggest attractions in Victoria, and you’ll have no access to less popular destinations like